• Responsive Web Design

    The landscape of web design is changing rapidly and this year proves to be no different. The market share of smartphones and tablets has risen to such mammoth proportions that is simply hard to ignore, there is a need to reach out to these users and provide them a web experience tailored for these devices. Thus Responsive Web Design is born.

  • A Campaign For Mother Earth

    Our world is at risk and the threats of climate change are much more serious now than the recent years.
    This is caused by the increased level of CO2 emissions from electricity generation.

    Be a concerned citizen. Make your website a co2 website TODAY!
  • Featured Client

    Langhoff.dk corporate website is one of the most innovative websites created by Philscan.com in terms of design, information structure, and indexing. Its eye-catching layout follows the organization’s stringent branding and communications strategy for its audience.
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